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Warning: Dramione Ship is ready to sail.

(Like before, part of the challenge was if there are words on the graphics, etc. it has to be included in the story in any way possible.)

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She fiddled with her hands, feeling uncomfortably as she sat directly in front of Draco Malfoy who’d called for her earlier. Earlier, meaning when she was still inside a safe compartment with her best friends, Harry and Ron.

He was talking to her with a low tone of voice, almost like whisper, but loud enough for her to hear him without closing in. His cloudy gray orbs stared out into the blurry scenery where only hues of greens, browns and blues could be seen. His hands lay atop the table separating them. They were pale, like always, and slender.

If she weren’t fiddling with her hands, she’d reach for him, but they were surrounded by Slytherins. She couldn’t be so careless as to just touch him. Pansy Parkinson would surely attack her.

It’s already a feat just sitting here without attracting attention- a great deal of attention that is, because, let’s face it, anything involving Malfoy called for attention. Not that he wanted it, it was just how things played out because of his dad.

He kept talking and talking about something Hermione really couldn’t concentrate on, not that she didn’t care, but her eyes were too focused on something else, his lips.

She scooted closer to the table and whispered, “thank you..” she paused, “for being with me until the end”.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” He questioned harshly.

“Just shut up, Granger. Have you been listening? I said, I’d change sides for you.”

author’s note: I don’t think I did very well on this. It was hard to make up a story for a picture which already has a scene that’s quite detailed-with words and location. Of course, this had to be done within the Hogwarts Express. How they were able to sit without even a bit of suspicion regardless of their rankings during the time is beyond me.

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Hermione didn’t like being in the dark. She didn’t like it when she was treated like a damned damsel in distress, because she isn’t that kind of girl. She’s a fighter. She’s a goddamn well witch. She’s book wise. She’s brave as hell. She’s the wisest witch in her year! So why? Why did he always feel like she needed to be kept safe when all her life since Hogwarts, she’s been put in danger?

She stared as Draco glanced quickly at her and walked away without a word, not even a smirk to address her presence. None. Zilch. Nada. If she wasn’t, well Hermione, she would have dashed at him and bonked him on the head as hard as she could. He needed to be taught a lesson for ignoring her like so.

What kind of bloke does he think he is? He isn’t any more special.

But she held down her anger. She’ll wait for him to come to her.

“Oh, Draco, loving you is suicide.”

author’s note: … I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. You know, last night we received over 100 views? Thanks to all Dramione fans for reading my drabbles. Comments would be nice though. Motivates me to write better. keke~

(Source: dramione-)

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author’s note: The original drabble is wonderful. It was unexpected for me. I tried really hard to create a different scene so as to not ‘plagiarize’ what dramione has written.

Draco stammered with his words as he tried to fight back the urge to cry, “h-how c-could y-you?”

“No, Draco, the question is how could you?!” Hermione shouted back, her own eyes brimming with tears.

Her home had been set on fire by one named Draco Malfoy, the culprit still shakingly held his wand directly at her. Hermione’s eyes darted from one side of the room to the next. She was looking for parents, but everything was caught on fire, some already brought down to merely ash or half of what it used to be.

“You ratted me out!” He cried.

“I was trying to help you,” she reasoned, shaking her head as the thought of her parents death crossed her mind.

“You weren’t helping! You- You made me do this!”

She steps back, appalled, “I? I made you do this?”

“I had no choice,” she tried not to listen to his excuse, but he continued, “it was either I do it or the Dark Lord…”

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Hermione, like her usual break from reading, grabbed a scarf and hat to prevent the cold from catching her and traveled out the doors of the school and into the snowy grounds. She decided to go ahead and trudge on to Hogsmeade where Harry had told her before hand, during breakfast, that they’d be there all day.

The snow piled on her shoes and she tried to make her way. It was difficult and she almost wanted to give up and head back to her room, but she felt like she was being burned by a deep gaze somewhere nearby. She whips her head around, squinting her eyes to make sure no one was there. Yet, even when she didn’t see anyone, the heat remained.

She quickly shot her head up towards the Astronomy Tower, where, surely enough, was Malfoy staring down at her with a sneer she recognized as playful. He must be laughing at her predicament. She tried to smile, but when she’d finally decided, some students started to pile either out or back into the school. She certainly wasn’t alone in the snow anymore and so she retracts any sign of replying back to Malfoy’s gaze.

“Our love is a sin,” Malfoy worded for her, recognizing her worry.

author’s note: THIS. THIS! This was my favorite! Ever since I saw this picture, I’ve been forming up a plot. I love it! I really do. It’s subtly sweet, I think. And subtle things are the best things! Haha. I also love the Astronomy Tower. A lot of things happen there. It’s wonderful. A brilliant place!