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Unreachable Stars Chapter 3 will be released in both Ai Season and YGLadies Forum by August 03August 05, 10PM. See you then for more TABISAN.
As for Chapter 4, it will be released a week after the 3rd on Ai Season. We will then release it at YGL Forums two days after.

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A story blog. Where fairytales reach even those who don’t believe. Where happy endings are made, not waited on.

Scared to click on the link? Here’s a sneak peak!

One girl walked in with a full face mask. No one could see neither her cheeks nor her chin, but the mask and the hint of her white skin showing made everyone believe the beauty that must be underneath the mask.

Another girl stepped inside with a mask that only showed her red plumped lips. So, in spite of her raggedy clothes, many others believed she is a beauty to be hold.

The last girl to attend made the most commotion out of all. She, not even a hint, had a mask on. Her face gleamed at the sun’s ray, her skin sparkling. She showed off her smile and because she had done so, many people believed her beauty is only skin deep.